All Good Things Must End

Our seven week long cross country trip is now at an end.

U.S. Road Trip map

It’s nice to be home in a soft bed. Bittersweet.

Waco mammoth

We learned quite a bit, about this country, its people, its tourists, its human and non-human animal inhabitants, and so much more.

Rob sitting

It was beyond anything we had planned for or expected it would be.

Two Bison in Yellowstone

A random note: For a trip like this, it was a no-brainer to purchase an Annual National Parks Pass. For $80, we quickly and easily gained entrance to every National Park we visited; no fuss, no muss.


It definitely saved us some money, and even a bit of time at every park’s entrance. If you plan better than we did, you can even order one through the mail a few weeks before you go.

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