Trinity Brewing

You know, when you move to Colorado you expect to find places just like Trinity Brewing. We were so happy to try them out, once we heard about their vegan pub food and vegan craft beer selection!

Trinity Brewing dinnerThe food isn’t what anyone could call healthy, but it’s delicious and they have The Impossible Burger, that magical creation that is so “meat like” it’s always a little disconcerting.

Trinity Brewing burgerTrinity Brewing corndog

They also have vegan hotdogs fried in beer batter and served with fries and vegan dipping sauce. (Did I mention, not so healthy but yummy?)

The beer was kind of a disappointment to Rob, because it was all very similar (hops being featured in virtually every selection, on tap or by the bottle) and not what he really prefers. I’m not a big beer fan; cider is my thing, so I wasn’t expecting to find anything I’d love anyway.

Overall, we had a fun time and met a really nice woman who was herself a transplant from Virginia – She has mixed feelings about relocating (Her husband was the one who really wanted to come here and his job was the primary reason they moved), but she gave us some really helpful tips and tricks for settling in as new Coloradans.

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