Vegan Boulder!!!

Well, Boulder certainly lived up to its reputation as a veg-friendly place! We had many places to visit for yummy vegan (and veganizable vegetarian) food while in Boulder; and we definitely did our best to visit them all – The ones we didn’t get to we’ll visit next time!

Here’s the real deal on Boulder’s restaurants for vegans – THERE ARE 3 VEGAN BUFFETS EVERY WEEK IN BOULDER! (We made 2 out of 3 this trip.)

Vegan Buffet #1: Jill’s Ooh La La Buffet at The St. Julien Hotel. This was a somewhat pricey buffet ($18.50), but it was seriously worth it. They advertise themselves as American food with a French flair.


Everything was delicious, including the complimentary glass of white wine. But, the ultimate treat here is the desserts – There were 13 to choose from here, all decadent, all vegan. I tried to be stealthy with my repeated trips to the wall of desserts, mostly just avoided eye contact. Rob and I managed to taste every one and shared 1/2 of 12 (I wasn’t a huge fan of the fruit crumble, so I just tasted it.)

(Photo from Jill’s at The St. Julien Hotel & Spa)

If you are a carnivore, omnivore or vegan, you need to do this buffet, every Friday at Jill’s restaurant.

Vegan Buffet #2: Tsing Tao Chinese Buffet

This was a much more reasonably-priced buffet for us, and it was nice to have all the buffet table options available to us. They had tofu and seitan options as well as yummy noodles, rice dishes and spring rolls. Except for their glacially slow replenishment of the dishes running out, it was nice and we’ll go back at least once more to see if it was just an off night.

Native Foods is a vegan restaurant chain started in California that we’ve been wanting to try for a while now, so it was a treat to go there. It’s mostly fast food, but all vegan and really yummy. There are sooo many other things to try there, it will be on our return list whenever we go back to Denver, for sure.

Leaf Restaurant: This place looked so good on paper, but it didn’t live up to our expectations. We went for Saturday brunch, got two vegan lunch specials that were pricey and nothing special (tasty but not really worth the price).

Rob ordered a smoothie that was chock full of seeds (seasonal berries). It was unpleasant to drink, honestly. I was probably setting myself up for disappointment since I thought, “Leaf, I bet that’s just like Plant in Asheville!!” Plant it ain’t.

The place that really surprised us was a Thai restaurant near our AirBnB, which wasn’t listed as particularly vegan, but it was Thai food, so we knew we’d be fine.

The menu at Buddha Cafe was pretty similar to other Thai places we’ve been to before, but the quality of ingredients, spices and preparation was exceptional. Definitely makes our return list!

One of our quick stops was Whole Sol on Pearl Street. We headed out early one morning to explore Boulder, we ordered a “Beets & Toasted Hazelnuts Toast”, which came with beets, sprouts, toasted hazelnuts and balsamic vinegar and a “Green Monkey Bol”, a really fresh avocado, coconut, banana and granola bowl. They were a great way to start of a day of urban hiking!We had several other really good meals in Boulder, and there are many more yet to try – Look for updates as we continue to eat our way through Boulder, Colorado!

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