Vegan Bread in a store near you

We’ve been driving all the way to Trader Joe’s to buy the only guaranteed-vegan bread we know of. Trader Joe’s is great, and has reasonable prices, but not always convenient for us when all we want is a loaf of bread and a few staples.

Today we noticed a change in packaging at our favorite local grocery store:

Suitable for Vegans

Suitable for Vegans!

Yay Kroger! No more mono or di-glycerides from mystery sources.
Even though some mono- & di-glycerides can come from vegan sources, they often come with trace amounts of legally-undisclosed trans fats and are never a good thing.

Kroger vegan bread


We stocked up on some vegan hamburger buns too. It’s Jackfruit barbecue time!

Update – Months later we returned in search of vegan hot dog buns and tofu pups. Jackpot!

vegan buns

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