Vegan Comfort Food

After a few days of a pretty sore throat with tonsillitis, I was really, really ready for a hearty meal. So Meatless and Potatoes, it is! Fresh, hot bread is always a crowd pleaser, too.

Beefless Tips, Taters, and Rolls

I sauteed Gardein Beefless Tips with green onions and button mushrooms, adding a savory, smoky nutritional yeast sauce.

Beefless Tips with Roasted Veg

The potatoes, carrots and cauliflower are all oven roasted: the potatoes sprinkled with my own blend of Beau Monde spices and the carrots and cauliflower marinated in a sweet vinagrette sauce before popping into the oven.

The Parker-house rolls are a veganized recipe from the great cookbook, The Joy of Cooking, given to me by my mother a million years ago when I first left home.

It has been an invaluable resource in my kitchen. It is encyclopedic and designed for every level of cook, from beginner to expert.

The recipe modification is simple, just use golden flax as an egg replacer and your favorite vegan buttery spread and Voila! you’ve got mouthwatering yeast rolls for days!

I feel much better already. smiley

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