Vegan Flava Cafe, Durham, NC

Since we haven’t actually gotten back to Raleigh/Cary yet we figure we’re still technically on our road-trip vacation.  So…  one last splurge at a good veggie-friendly restaurant is in order.  😉

We’ve eaten at Vegan Flava’s food truck before and it was surprisingly good, so since we’re driving through Durham today we thought we’d stop by their restaurant.

Nothing fancy, just your average restaurant setup.
Vegan Flava interior

You usually order from the counter, but today, there was some waitstaff service. Nice, friendly and helpful.

They have a reasonable selection of items, all vegan, all quite tasty.

Vegan Flava menu

We picked a random mix of items to share:
mac & cheese, “tuna” sandwich, rice & beans, kale salad, and plantains.


The plantains were quite disappointing, and the mac & cheese was nothing special, but otherwise the meal was quite good. We were too full for dessert, but it was that “healthy-stuffed” feeling… not from greasy oil or too many carbs. 😉

We’ll definitely be going back again, someday.

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