Vegan Thanksgiving Feast 2016!

This year we opted to just stay home for Thanksgiving and have a good old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner; all the traditional recipes veganized!

2We started with a smoky seitan unturkey roast, a modified Gentle Chef recipe.

seitan-smoked-turky-roastNext up: Cornbread dressing with mushroom gravy!

vegan-cornbread-dressing vegan-gravy

I make both the dressing and gravy just the way my grandmother and mother used to make, but instead of shredded chicken, I used Beyond Chicken; and instead of giblets in the gravy, I dice up Crimini mushrooms – crazy good stuff!

Of course, along with sweet tea, there were also the mandatory sides: Green bean casserole, lovely yeast rolls (this year, Hawaiian – Too good to eat just one, or two . . .) and last but definitely not least, the vegan deviled eggs!

Thanksgiving sidesvegan-hawaiian-rolls


(I make them with Agar Agar for the whites and turmeric tofu/potato flakes for the yolks.)

vegan-devilled-eggs-2It was delicious and resulted in a serious food coma for the rest of the afternoon. Not pictured: The mini-pecan pie tartlets and pumpkin pie – Sadly, we forgot to take pictures before digging in to them – You’ll just have to take my word that they were really yummy, too!

Now I’m off to start planning the next holiday feast ~

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