Vegetarian Eats in Richmond!

West end Richmond:

Piccadilly for supper (not dinner).

Piccadilly IMG_20151201_183350_edited

Kidney beans, collard greens, and sweet potato pie. $7.95 meal for two?

The Phoenix Garden is Vietnamese super-veggie-friendly restaurant. We ordered way too much, so had to get to-go boxes. Luckily our hotel has a fridge and microwave.

Vietnamese IMG_20151202_183750_edited

Downtown Richmond:

Harrison Street Cafe and Coffee Shop

This is a wonderful all vegetarian cafe with really creative salads, sandwiches and yummy desserts.Ipanema IMG_20151202_134156_edited


Amazing. Oh how I wish there was an Ipanema in Raleigh…

Richmond_Ipanema IMG_20151204_140440_edited

Reuben with potato salad, and jerk tempeh with fries.
And of course: pear pie ala mode.

Richmond_Ipanema IMG_20151204_143307_edited

Ipanema has a very nice & cozy pub-like atmosphere.

Africanne on Main

Richmond_Africanne IMG_20151203_134114_edited

This veggie friendly buffet-style restaurant, advertised as North African cuisine, was very reminiscent of Jamaican food, with lovely veggie dishes, plantains, and coconut pies.

Richmond_Africanne IMG_20151203_140322_edited

We had to go back and buy another mini coconut pie and special Mamusu’s sweet tea.

Sticky Rice

This downtown restaurant has a second location right across the street, just for takeout! We knew they had lots of vegetarian/vegan sushi, but looking at the menu was torture, simply because there were too many tantalizing options! It was really good, so good we were sad we hadn’t gone there earlier in the week so we might have had time to go back again!

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