VegFest Colorado!

We had just moved here last June, so we didn’t get to VegFest – We made it in 2019!!

We got there early; so early that we accidentally went in the vendors’ entrance (a golden opportunity for a free day, but we went back out and around to the front where we were bag checked and scanned for metal objects.)

VegFest Colorado has two main areas: inside and outside.

Inside were multiple rows of vendor tents and stands, lots of giveaways and samples to be had! Yum! We scored some smoothies, snacks and treats but just couldn’t find a perfect T shirt to commemorate the day.Outside, there were multiple food trucks, including the famous Vegan Van and Wong Way Veg, just to name a couple. After making two full tours of the inside and an extended trip around the food trucks, we left VegFest 2019, happy and with bags full of goodies. I can’t wait to go again someday!


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