Vindicator Valley Trail, Victor, Colorado

The Vindicator Valley Trail is part of the “Trails of Gold” hiking areas between Cripple Creek and Victor.What makes the Vindicator area so special are the multiple remains of several 1890’s era mines, buildings and housing. The two and a half mile trail is well maintained and has split rail fencing that keeps hikers from accidentally falling into any of the remaining test holes from mine starts with rocks and overgrown shrubs hiding them from sight.

We really enjoyed the hike while looking for a gold nugget recently exposed by weather, maybe!?!

Sadly, we didn’t strike it rich by the end of the day, but it was a really nice way to spend the afternoon imagining the past and the people who once came here hoping to change their lives and did, though not the way most of them expected.

The view of Cripple Creek from the trail.

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