Volcan Pululahua

DSC07205 Pululahua Volcano Valley

Purportedly only one of the two inhabited volcanic craters in the world, this picture-perfect valley is something wonderful. It is a protected geobotanical preserve. The last eruptions were over 2,000 years ago, not from one single volcano, but a series of small eruptions which created the large crater over time.

It never rains; the clouds provide the only water source for the fertile fields the families who’ve lived here for hundreds of years have carefully cultivated. ¬†We stood just staring down from the crater’s rim, marveling at the beauty and serenity of this place, quiet after the noise and confusion of the city. As we watched, the clouds rolled in and out and the ant-sized people, horses and cattle went about their daily routines, seemingly oblivious to the continual stream of people watching from above.

It was so restful, I really didn’t want to leave for the longest time. It was beautiful.

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