Waco Mammoth National Monument. Waco, TX

Definitely worth dropping by if you’re in the neighborhood.

Waco mammothThis National Monument (recently upgraded from a State Park) exists solely because two teenage boys in 1978 found a giant bone and had the curiousity and tenacity to find out what it was.

Today, this site is over 100 acres but only 2 acres have been excavated. Some extremely rare finds have been unearthed here. Mainly, Colombian Mammoths.


Your $5 entrance fee gets you a nice short tour. ($5 /person, Annual National Parks Pass not accepted.)
Waco Mammoth dig site

The main excavation area (There are others beyond the main areas yet to be explored.) is housed within a fancy new building, where the fossilized remains are left in situ so you can see how they actually died and what they were probably doing immediately before it happened. The rangers give frequent and very informative tours. We loved it. It is also a very kid-friendly park.

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