Waco Texas

Apparently, every Army Corps of Engineers’ campground and park is closed in Texas this week. Again, the campground we chose was closed due to being 16 feet under water.

In addition, the local weather reports were calling for baseball-sized hail throughout Texas and Kansas, as well as putting us under a tornado watch. So, we opted for a hotel instead of car-camping, again.

With no place for us to set up our camp stove, we found a Jason’s Deli in Waco.

There are 0 all-veg restaurants in Waco.

We always get a Zucchini Grillini with fresh fruit and the salad bar. Don’t forget about the free soft-serve ice cream…

Jason's Deli

We then setup camp at a Super 8 hotel. This is how we backpack now:
Super 8 room

Super 8 in Waco is surprisingly nice. Good amenities, and a convenient location. For $71 /night (inc. tax) we were satisfied with this 2-star hotel.


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