Wegman’s Grocery Store!

So, rumor has it that Wegmans, a famous veggie-friendly East Coast grocery store chain, is about to be built in our hometown!! While all reports seem promising (The mayor can’t stop talking about it, along with an IKEA, which is also part of the retail boom stories going around these days.)

Wegman's Grocery Store

We had previously heard from our vegan friends, who have shopped at other Wegmans, that it will be awesome, but you never really know, do you? Well, now WE know! On a recent business trip to Fredericksburg, VA (mostly known for things concerning death: battlefields and graveyards), Rob visited Wegmans. Now we can’t wait for it to open here!

The store is huge and has lots of veggie/vegan items for sale, so finding what we want and/or need there should be easy. However, this store’s prices aren’t the lower, volume-pricing we were hoping they’d be, to beat Whole Foods, Fresh Market, etc.


One of the best discoveries made on his first trip to Wegmans? The non-dairy ice cream cooler!! (You heard me, a whole cooler dedicated to non-dairy frozen treat options!!!!)

Dinner from the “cafe” was pretty good, but not much in the way of vegan proteins.

Overall, the exploratory mission to Wegmans was a success – We are really looking forward to a large selection of organic fruit and vegetables and, of course, the ice cream options!!!!

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