Where’s the National Museum??? – And a lovely city park

OK, it needs to be stated here that before we go on any trips, I research extensively, plan and record food, events, locations, etc. in spreadsheets and pages of notes we use to build our vacations and then as reference while on vacations. That being said, I have never had so much bad intel in my life as I erroneously gathered for Ecuador!!! Even government and official tourism sites had outdated, misleading and just plain incorrect information we took as fact, to our disappointment especially on this day. . .

The Museo Nationale de Ecuador was a thing. According to the official websites, it still is a thing. And, according to the tourist booklets dated February 2016, it is still a thing. However, when you actually convince a taxi driver with a perplexed look on his face to take you there, using the “All You Need is Ecuador” tourist board map given to you by the hotel concierge as a guide, you will find that IT ISN’T A THING ANYMORE! Not for 2 years, according to a receptionist at the desk of the empty, but open building that used to house the museum. They have classes and meetings there now, evidently. So, we gathered our thoughts while sitting on the steps wondering how it all went so wrong and finally realizing that the driver wasn’t an idiot; it was us all along!

We headed over to the park across the street to discover it was a destination in itself. Parque El Ejido is a city recreation and event park in the middle of downtown.

Parque Ejida



It is an arboretum of sorts as well. The trees have these big necklace plaques hung around their trunks, identifying each one. They are so huge!

There are craft/food stalls running around the perimeter and performers entertaining people on grassy knolls.

Ejida Trees


There’s also an “Arch of Triumph” spanning one of the exit walkways which is pretty cool. It is not a replica of the one in Paris, so we didn’t know why it was built or if it actually commemorates something or not, but it’s pretty. (Another failure of Ecuadorian research site content.)

Ejida Arch of Triumph

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