Winnemucca, NV

Now that we’re heading east again, away from California, we’re entering the great food desert once more.


Winnemucca has a sad plethora of fast food -like establishments.  We went to the only two Chinese restaurants, next door to each other, and had to walk out on both.  Neither was able or willing to substitute tofu in any of their lunch selections, as well as having pork in their included egg rolls.Pete's Casino


Fortunately we discovered Dos Amigos amid Pete’s Casino.

We can’t say anything good about the tiny casino, but Dos Amigos was easily the best Mexican restaurant we’be eaten at on this entire road trip!

awesome huge lunch

Kate ordered the vegetarian Chile Relleno and it was the best either of us had ever tasted.  It also came with a spinach enchilada and refried beans and rice. I remembered to ask for whole beans with my entree: a wonderful cheesy grilled veggie quesadilla.

Complimentary Beans and Salsa

They even bring complementary whole beans with the salsa and nachos! The portions are huge, and the prices are good. Two thumbs way up!

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