Winslow, AZ/Pizza Hut to the Rescue!

There is a long dead space between Canyon de Chelley and the Grand Canyon. No food, no gas, no water. We were happy when we finally arrived at our halfway point, the town of Winslow, AZ.

I’ve never been so happy to see a Pizza Hut! Two medium pizzas for $6.99 apiece. WooHoo!

two medium pizzas

Just your usual everything-veggie pizzas, but… we were quite hungry.

two eaten pizzas


The staff here was also quite nice.

We also finally have cell-service again in this town. Yay! (It’s surprising how little cell-service there is in the southwest on the open road.)

Unfortunately, our luck in this town had run out. Winslow is otherwise a town best left unexplored. We tried reserving an Econo Lodge hotel through for $59 but when we arrived the hotel clerk demanded $109 since it was her last room. An hour later, and 3 PriceLine CSR’s, we finally got a refund and drove off.

Next, we tried the nearby Quality Inn of Winslow. Ugh. Dannica from the Econo Lodge must have warned the clerk here! We were told rooms were $129 and they don’t honor any 3rd-party registrations from websites like Wha???

WQuality Inn Winslowe did finally reserve a room for $85 from the Quality Inn website (no thanks to the clerk who directed us to the lobby sofa and suggested we book online . . . really?). And after only having to change rooms once, we finally settled in for the night.

The room was an average 2-star quality, and their breakfast was standard, so no complaints there. Still, we’re not happy with either Winslow hotel since they’re both very overpriced and don’t honor reservations via 3rd parties (like Priceline).

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