Wonderful House Chinese Restaurant, Trinidad, CO

We finally made it to Colorado! But we’re not out of the food desert yet…¬†Trinidad CO seems a bit more economically endowed than Raton NM was, but our GPS still took us to a permanently closed restaurant before we found a Chinese restaurant on our own.

Wonderful House isn’t exactly vegetarian-friendly, but on request they will at least substitute tofu for meat in some of their dishes.¬†We got the usual safe Sesame Tofu and Vegetable delight:
Vegetable Delight and Sesame Tofu

We also received hot tea and extra fried rice since we told the waitress we didn’t want the Crab Rangoon, chicken soup, or meat egg roll that was otherwise included with all lunch entrees.

Oh, and they have open working WiFi! A decent place to stop, if you’re in a pinch.

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