Wooglin’s Deli & Cafe

Across from La’au’s Taco Shop.

When you’re downtown near Colorado College, you have lots of restaurant choices. Wooglin’s Deli & Cafe is a nice, veggie-friendly deli that’s relatively inexpensive and quick for a healthy lunch option. They make everything from scratch. The baked goods looked especially nice.

We got the hummus and veggies plate. It was a little lopsided, a massive amount of raw veg and three small scoops of hummus – No way you could eat it all by yourself, but if you did try to share, there’s no way the hummus would last to dip all the veggies in if you cleaned the plate.

Wooglin's Deli hummusIt was fresh and light and we split the veggie plate along with a Veggie Sandwich and a scoop of potato salad.

Wooglin's Deli sandwichWe really wanted to get a cookie or brownie or one of their other yummy-looking dessert options, but we were heading on to a busy day and decided to try something next time. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I’m sure we’ll get the chance soon!

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