Wyoming is Cattle Country

On this road trip, we traveled many local and state roads and highways, almost completely avoiding interstates except for short bits just to get back to the real sightseeing you only get when you travel into the country, not just past it.Wyoming Logo

Wyoming has signs posted frequently with their symbol, the cowboy on the bucking bronco and the motto “Wyoming is Cattle Country”.


Well, we knew that, having seen lots of herds grazing peacefully in their fields along the way so far, but today we got up close and personal with one herd, in no hurry, going no place in particular, it seemed.


Wyoming Herd 1

Wyoming Herd 2 IMAG0812 (2)

Our first indications of imminent bovine interaction were several handwritten plywood signs propped along the roadside, proclaiming “Slow, Slow, Slow!!! Cattle Ahead!!! and “Cattle Crossing”. (Please note that these were along the side of a state highway, with a posted speed limit of 80 mph.) We slowed at the first sign and watched carefully for some distance before the signs made good on their warnings:


Some of the cattle seemed mesmerized by our Camry, unable to keep ambling down the road until we had passed them.




Others, were momentarily diverted by our gawking, then continued as they were before, crossing in front and behind the car (without looking both ways first).



Wyoming Herd 3

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