Yellowstone Geothermal Features

No matter how much time you have at Yellowstone, it’s mandatory to spend at least a half day at the Old Faithful geyser area – longer if at all possible, because once you get there, you won’t want to leave. There are miles and miles of boardwalks traversing the geothermal wonders here, and as you wander farther from the Old Faithful or West Thumb main attraction areas you’ll get the chance to view some amazing sights without the crush and noise of the crowds.

Of course, Old Faithful is the place to start, right?

The boardwalks take you on a magical hike through surreal, otherworldly geysers, springs and geological formations you won’t see anywhere else in the world, I think.

Blue Star Spring

Yellowstone Geothermals

bubbling pebble geyser

clear blue hot spring

The water here is unnaturally, vividly multi-colored due to the myriad of chemical deposits, which vary from pool to pool throughout the park. The pervading element, it seems, is sulfur – Some of the geothermal features are much stinkier than others.

clear brown hot spring

Geothermal Feature

stream through geothermals

Around every corner there’s another amazing sight. It is hard to adequately describe how awesome (and I do mean Awesome) this place is!

Rob at the Geysers


There’s also the Mammoth Hot Springs area, which was popular a century ago with tourists, who came from everywhere to “take the waters” – They actually got in to the mineral-rich spring water, sometimes to their detriment, getting heat and chemical burns instead of the expected health benefits. The area has a large hotel and town, which is definitely worth seeing after you visit both the upper and lower springs areas.

Mammoth Hot Springs SDC14328 (2)
SDC14322 (2)

The diversity of the mineral deposits and formations is mesmerizing.SDC14307 (2)The landscape is truly bizarre and beautiful.


SDC14333 (2)

SDC14303 (2)IMAG0567 (2)

You just have to see it for yourself. If we had only known how much there truly was to see and do here, we would have planned at least a full week at Yellowstone.                                                                                                                                          Yellowstone Waterfall




The motto for this park is “The Oldest, Largest and Best National Park in America” – We agree.

Rob in the Valley Yellowstone

While each national park is unique and different, Yellowstone has everything you’d expect from a national park and more than you ever thought you’d experience.

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