WeJohn Muir Trail survived the John Muir trail, covered with two-foot deep snow with occasional melted spots on top of rocks (not enough to rock hop, so boo on that).

SDC13860 (2)

Rob on John Muir Trail

At this point we’ve driven 5000 miles since North Carolina.
Kate on the John Muir Trail

To-date the total fauna count is:

  • 2 large foxes
  • 1 overly-interested coyote
  • countless desert chipmunks
  • numerous antelope squirrels
  • countless brown & grey squirrels
  • 1 herd of domesticated bison
  • a half dozen pronghorn sheep
  • a dozen female elk
  • 1 nighttime skunk
  • 1 skittish copper/gold desert snake
  • a few desert mice
  • 1 nighttime feral cat
  • too many interesting bird species to count
  • too many cows, horses, sheep, goats, and a few llamas.

Yosemite is a place that makes your jaw drop and your eyes widen about every 5 minutes or so. The sheer magnitude and beauty of this place is hard to put into words. Just look:

Yosemite Wonders

SDC13869 (2)

SDC13854 (2)


Tenaya Lake, like most of the park, still partially covered with snow.

SDC13824 (2)


There are boulders all over the place that were left behind following a prehistoric glacial flow event.

SDC13833 (2)


The mountains just go on and on as far as you can see, even through binoculars.

Half Dome at Yosemite






Half Dome is unmistakable.

Yosemite waterfall


This is one of the waterfalls we saw. The most famous ones are down in Yosemite Valley.



Rob atop a boulder

Rob’s always climbing on things.

Yosemite is one of America’s most famous national parks for good reason. It is spectacular and unique and encompasses the reasons why we must preserve and protect our natural resources; they are a treasure too easily lost if we fail to recognize their true value.

It should be compulsory that every US citizen visit the national parks, to enrich their lives and help them understand that we are all guardians of the earth’s past, present and future. 100 years of the national park system. Let’s hope there will be a bicentennial celebration someday.

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