Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day trip to Cedarock & Saxapahaw

Beautiful weather, but we didn't have time to plan any big trip for this weekend. So we did a quick day-trip instead.
Our best-case expected route:
Although we only made it to Saxapahaw General Store and then to Cedarock for some frolf and hiking.

Saxapahaw General Store is an amazing oasis in North Carolina. We bought sandwiches to go (of course, including some bakery desserts).

We ate our picnic at Cedarock Disc Golf Course. The park actually has two frolf courses. "Cedarock" is the first course you'll see, and consists of mostly large, long open fields. A little boring for my tastes, but excellent practice for long drives (if you're working on your professional game).
"Wellspring" is the slightly more hidden course just past the first parking area.

Wellspring is the usual frolf course you'd expect: lots of trees, streams, and hills. Unfortunately, both of these courses were more difficult than what we're used to, so we didn't come anywhere close to par.

There are a number of nice hiking trails in Cedarock Park as well.

And of course, on the drive back home through Chapel Hill, one must eat dinner at the Spotted Dog and shop at Weaver Street Market.

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