Wednesday, June 3, 2015

C & T Wok

One of the more seemingly authentic Chinese restaurants in the area, C&T Wok has never disappointed us. Although seating isn't great, it's otherwise a nice place to try "family style" dishes. While you might not want a whole plate of nothing but bok choy and mushrooms, it makes an excellent side dish when you can share with others.

This time, we tried ordering one spring roll and one vegetable roll, but what we got was three deep-fried veg rolls. Not particularly good, just your average greasy cabbage-filled appetizer.

Unless you speak Mandarin, this restaurant can be a bit difficult to navigate.

Luckily, we did an excellent job of ordering our entrées.

Vegetables with tofu, and Chinese Mei Fun. (We forgot to tell our waiter to leave off the egg in the Mei Fun.)
Both were very fresh and tasty.

As always though in Cary, your experience may differ if you're trying to eat strictly vegan.

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