Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Savannah day 1

Breakfast at the Thunderbird is a box of Krispy Kremes and a pot of coffee.  :-(
So we headed out to J.Christopher's for a big breakfast.  Very large and yummy portions, although just standard breakfast items.  Fine for vegetarians, but unlikely you'll escape without consuming more than a few eggs, cheese and a smathering of butter.

Wormsloe SP was nice, but they charged us $10 /adult!  Total rip-off given the events that were NOT going on today.  But it was otherwise a nice little walk.  I'll certainly consider sneaking in without paying next time.

Lunch at a random nearby mexi restaurant:  JalapeƱos.  Standard in every way.  No surprises here, except a stray abandoned kitten.

Skidaway Park was an even better walkabout.

Dinner at Kayak was nice, but weird.  I've never eaten dinner in a fitness center before.

Ice cream dessert at nearby Leopold's is an absolute must.  Yum!  (Sorry.  No vegan options here.)

Arrival in Savannah

Yay!  We're finally here!

The Gryphon Tea Room was opulent and quite tasty, although extremely expensive, and not very vegetarian friendly.  Service was very friendly and polite.

Parking in Savannah's historic downtown was easy presumably since December is the off season.  Although Savannah traffic planners are careless about posting traffic signs for anything (including Stop!)

The Thunderbird hotel was quite disappointing.  Fair value for a budget hotel, but very dishonest about everything.  Better to get a hotel a little farther out, since you'll still have to drive everywhere anyway.

Dinner at Aroy Jung was wonderful.  Excellent light Thai fare.  Very veggie friendly, as most Thai tends to be.  We later found out that this is one of the few reasonably-priced restaurants in the Historic Downtown area.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Leaving Atlanta

Another gorge-fest at the La Quinta breakfast buffet.

Not to malign all of Georgia, but the rural stretch between Atlanta and Savannah is reminiscent of a third world country.  Debilitating traffic accidents are sprinkled all along the interstates.  Local drivers have learned to compensate for these conditions by treating the right lane as a passing lane as well.

In the interest of time, we willingly chose to take our midday repast in Love's Truck Stop.  The opportunities for people-watching are endless.
The truck stop Subway was a bit lacking; no veggie-patty, so the only edible choice was the Veggie Delight.  A.K.A.: lettuce on bread.

In order to maintain a minimum level of personal safety, we decided to not go for any geocaches in the area.

Atlanta Day 2

Fernbank Museum was fine.  The science was unexpectedly accurate (no dinosaur-riding Jesuses).

Harmony Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant was perfect proof that you don't have to be expensive to have wonderful vegan food.

Stone Mountain State Park on a rainy day we found zero of many geocaches.  If you love Murica, their gift shop is for you. :-P

We then caught the latest installment in the Hunger Games trilogy.  Go Katniss!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Atlanta Day 1

Breakfast at La Quinta was the usual.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens was nice.  Although it was a bit cold, there was a lot of indoor flora.  An impressive collection of hot house desert plants; some I'd never seen before.

Lunch at Dough Bakery was beyond expectation.  All vegan options were so yummy.  Soy milkshakes and sandwiches filled with all flavors of seitan luncheon meats.

Getting to the High Museum and finding free parking was tougher than expected, but we eventually prevailed.  Nice artsy exhibits as expected.  Somewhat expensive at $19.50, but afterward we realized there are readily available coupons.

A light dinner at the Whole Foods hot / salad bar hit the spot.

Arrived in Atlanta

The drive to Atlanta was hideous as expected; there must have been a few accidents just outside of Atlanta.  I believe Grant must have gotten to Atlanta faster than us.

We went to Piccadilly Cafeteria for dinner and were pleasantly surprised.  We weren't very hungry so a few small veggie plates were a perfect cheap fast dinner. 
The waitstaff was amazingly gushingly Southerly sweet.

Night one of three at La Quinta was fine.  Barking dog in adjacent room, so we easily changed rooms.  The shower was problematic, but quite effective once wrestled into submission.  Although we're directly next to the interstate, we heard no vehicle noise the whole time.