Tuesday, October 28, 2014

KoMo KoMo Korean

While grocery shopping at one of our fave local stores: Kroger, we finally timed it right to go to the KoMo KoMo Korean restaurant next door. (They have annoying hours.)

Not quite what we were expecting: it has a nice "date-night" atmosphere with the lighting down low, however, the chairs are un-padded hard wood, so you won't want to sit around too long. It wasn't crowded at all, and the service was very nice.

Among the typical Korean offerings there were a number of vegetarian options. We ordered the Rice Bowl (BiBimBop), and the Asian Noodle Salad. Both were very good. Perfectly substantial entrees, although not enough for leftovers to take home.

We'll definitely be returning to this establishment, but not quite as often as we'd like, since the prices are significantly higher than other local options.

Low lighting = grainy pictures.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jake's Wayback Burgers

Who says you can't find vegetarian fast food?

Finding ourselves in a hurry (read that as: shopping emergency), we just wanted a quick and cheap bite to eat.

Normally, we would've ignored a place named "Jake's Wayback Burgers" on our Google Maps search, but they have a decent website which claims they can serve a veggie burger.

We've survived the fast food veg burgers at Burger King and SubWay, so figured we'd likely survive Jake's as well.

We were correct!

Just the standard greasy burgers & fries (the onion rings were extra greasy). If you really hate yourself, they also do yummy-looking milkshakes.

So, yes, if you want the true "fast-food experience", Jake's Wayback Burgers is perfectly acceptable for vegetarian food. (We're not officially giving this one a thumbs up or down though.)