Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Leaving Atlanta

Another gorge-fest at the La Quinta breakfast buffet.

Not to malign all of Georgia, but the rural stretch between Atlanta and Savannah is reminiscent of a third world country.  Debilitating traffic accidents are sprinkled all along the interstates.  Local drivers have learned to compensate for these conditions by treating the right lane as a passing lane as well.

In the interest of time, we willingly chose to take our midday repast in Love's Truck Stop.  The opportunities for people-watching are endless.
The truck stop Subway was a bit lacking; no veggie-patty, so the only edible choice was the Veggie Delight.  A.K.A.: lettuce on bread.

In order to maintain a minimum level of personal safety, we decided to not go for any geocaches in the area.

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