Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dinner at...?

Took two tubes and walked half a dozen blocks to get to Mildred's restaurant.  Downtown in Soho; this is definitely the hip place to be.
40 minute wait for a table, but it's gonna be good.
While waiting, we noticed a few health code violations, and a minor unplanned conflagration.
After waiting 45 mins, we started to notice that the manager was seating other hotter younger hipper chicks, that were clearly after us on the waitlist.
We eventually realized we were dealing with the classic exclusive nightclub situation, and "40 minute wait" was polite-speak for "you're not cool enough to eat here".

So we left, starving, and went to the nearby Wagamama instead.  (Wagamama is a very common chain restaurant on almost any street in the UK.)
So, our destiny was in fact to have boring and bland ramen for dinner.

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