Friday, April 18, 2014

Leaving NC

RDU website suggests you arrive four hours early for intl flights.  We arrived two and a half hours early and had an hour and a half of sitting and waiting time.
Let the day of sitting and waiting begin!  (eventually)

During gate checkin, the security guy was distressed that I snuck my passport through the full body scanner in my pocket, rather than putting it in a bin to go through the xray conveyor belt.  He obsessed with flipping through each page of my passport (looking for hidden kmives, etc. no doubt), while completely ignored my 1" thick wallet.  Anyway,  apparently airports get paid to xray everyone through the full body scaner now. yay! free cancer. thx homeland obscurity!

Aer Lingus didn't tell us that united air was really our airline, so we didn't get to pick our seats to ORD.


  1. You are a suspicious lot. No wonder they frisked you! What is the picture? Chicago?

    ..P.S....could you have picked a more difficult commenting system? it's like signing in to the NSA.

  2. You guessed it. That's a photo of us landing in Chicago.
    Once we disembarked, we debated whether we needed to fly another 6 hours to see more Irish people.