Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday in London

We're taking some time out this morning to rest up a bit, and do some laundry.  Quite exciting!

Whilst people-watching, we've discovered a new retro fashion trend.  The "top bun" is not just for strict librarians anymore.  We've counted 20 top buns on our trip so far (excluding back-buns).
The bun displayed above might appear to be a back-bun, but the official ruling is "top-bun" since its height protrudes above the top of the head.  Make note, so as not to count falsely!

Upon encountering this visage, we stopped counting; this more rare Megabun wins the prize (and clearly ends the game):


  1. Robster, you're just jealous of all that HAIR!!! :-))

  2. Famous artwork: Lonely Man in a Laundrymat.